New – Dr. Lanfermann® pH 12 Cosmetics

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New at the Garchinger Herbsttage - Dr. Lanfermann pH 12 Cosmetics

On 14. and 15.09.2019 the Garching Autumn Days will take place. Fekunda takes this opportunity to present its new cosmetic series Dr. Lanfermann ® pH 12.

What is so special about Dr. Lanfermann ® pH 12?

The Dr. Lanfermann® pH 12 series consists of superionized alkaline water. Either as pure water for certain applications or mixed with certain raw materials that are stable at pH 12.

The superionized water is produced in a patented process by our supplier. The first step is electrolysis with pure water. The basic water collects at the anode (minus pole) and is mixed with defined minerals in a second step. A very stable solution of water and the ions Na, Si, K, P, Mg, Ca and Cl is formed.

Anyone who remembers chemistry lessons in his school days will remember that pH 12 is normally a very strong caustic solution that burns the skin. With added alkalis this is correct, but in our case we only have the defined ions and a weak basicity. This means that this water is safe for the skin. If it comes into contact with the skin, the skin’s own pH value of approx. 5.5 is assumed.

Superionization ensures that dirt on the skin is surrounded by a “wreath of ions” that repels the skin. This results in a high cleansing power.

Which Dr. Lanfermann ® cosmetics pH 12 are there?

On 14.09.2019 we will present two cosmetic products pH 12:

  • Dr. Lanfermann ® Surfactant-free washing spray pH 12
  • Dr. Lanfermann ® After Sun Spray pH12

Come to the Garching autumn days and be surprised.