Propolis organic ointment against cracked skin and lips

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Propolis ointment

In Collaboration with Pur Alp GmbH, a specialist in Bee products from Oberstdorf, was the Propolis Organic ointment Developed.

Propolis is a natural antibiotic of bee colonies to Protect their hive against bacteria, viruses and fungi. In Unlike medical antibiotics, the Composition of the propolis constantly. This has the advantage that The pests can not adjust to it and the hive Safe in front of them. The beekeeper’s extraction of propolis is An elaborate procedure. To ensure efficacy, A special method for extraction was used by Pur Alp Developed. For the Propolis Organic Ointment , only Propolis from the Allgäu, which gained from this process Used.

Propolis organic ointment is an excellent remedy for cracked skin and Lips that have just in winter time high season. The Ointment base from natural beeswax and olive oil Organic farming nourishes the skin and makes it supple. The Protect propolis, calendula oil and St. John’s wort oil additives The skin and support the natural process of Regeneration. Propolis Organic Ointment is Bioland Certified.

But it’s not just healthy people who have problems with the skin. In the case of diabetics in particular, the Cell division process faster and leads to cornification, especially on The feet. Propolis organic ointment gives way to the Hornness and nourishes the skin.