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Before we offer a lab equipment, we check the functionality so that you can get it up and running without any problems. Deviations are mentioned in the article.

Readmission guarantee

If the device does not meet your expectations, take it back within 30 days as it will. Only the return costs are for you.


We deliver as a package or forwarding company. Standard package up to 10 kg within Germany without islands costs 7.50 euros. Different costs or foreign countries are calculated on the basis of expenses. Freight travel costs by effort.

Offer and payment

If you are interested in a device, we will be happy to make an offer. Payments are made either as a pre-payment or in the case of a good creditworthiness as a regular customer also as an invoice.

pH meter

Metrohm 632 pH-Meter


Well-preserved digital pH meter from Metrohm. Consisting Of:

  • Measuring instrument with high-impedance input for potentiometric applications

    • pH value measurement

    • Voltage measurement

    • Voltametry

  • Digital display

    • pH = 0,00 … 14,00

    • U = 0 … ± 1999 mV

  • Switching to 100, 117, 220 and 240 V, 50 … 60 Hz, about 10 VA

  • BCD interface for dosiprint, labograph (not tested)


  • Folding hanger for the sloping of the device
  • Power cord
  • Instructions for use German (as file)
  • Serial number: 5H9/108
  • About 2.9 kg

When using a Metrohm electrode, the cable 6.2104.050 is also needed (not included in scope).


Price: 129.00 EUR including 19 VAT (108.40 euros excluding VAT)