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Our services chemistry

We offer special services for KMU’s-through safety data sheets, production logistics and process optimization

Safety data sheets

Need an MSDS? Simple MSDS we create, eMSDS unfortunately we don’t.

Production logistics

Do you have problems in production? We help you get your production back on track.

Process optimization

Your processes are not optimal? It is advisable to have an external consultant look over it.


As Head of Analytics and Quality Management, I got to know all the processes in a medium-sized company and led them to ISO 9001 certification. In a company, problems always arise, which are to be solved as quickly as possible. Knowledge of the industry and the usual processes is always an advantage.

Identify problems

Employees in a company know the processes, vulnerabilities, and opportunities for error best. In collaboration with the experts, errors can be identified and fixed more quickly.

Time is money

The faster a problem is solved, the faster the employees will be available for their actual work. This saves the company a lot of money.