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Our services cosmetics

We offer all stages to fulfill your mission, from development to product management to manufacturing.

Project management

  • in time,
  • in budget,
  • in quality


  • classical
  • As a natural cosmetics
  • halal

Product management

  • Packaging design
  • Label design
  • Sales displays

Registration of the product

  • Microbiological stress test
  • Safety report
  • Notification for the EU


  • 1-100 kg in the laboratory
  • From 100 kg with a contract manufacturer


  • Wholesale and retail
  • online
  • international


10 years in surfactant chemistry, 6 years development of cosmetics. In addition, countless projects in production logistics, sales and marketing in the Siemens Group. We can offer you full service as well as the performance of detailed tasks.

Since we are able to fulfill your wish for a cosmetic product from as little as 1 kg, we can serve both the smallest to the largest interested parties.


We develop according to the customer’s wishes. With us you will not receive a standard product from the shelf with a new logo. This is certainly a bit more expensive, but for that you get a unique product.

Time is money

Our experiences help you save money.