Parabens in men’s cosmetics

A study at Hebrew University Jerusalem found that Western men’s sperm had halved in 40 years, but the reasons were unclear. Now, a study in Poland found that men who used paraben-containing hair waxes had abnormally shaped sperm and sperm with reduced mobility.

For the study, the preservatives were butyl paraben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben which have been used in cosmetic products in the past were used. It was also found that butyl paraben was used in the is capable of damaging the sperm DNA.

In the regulation  (EU) 1004/2014 of 18 September 2014, the concentration for the use of butyl paraben and propyl paraben to 0,19 %. Total content of both parabens limited. Isopropyparaben has been and the limit values for ethyl paraben and methyl paraben
remained unchanged.

However, the Commission believes that the butyl paraben and propyl paraben still represent a potential risk and has therefore further investigations.