Marc Zuckerberg arrested as a spy

This or something similar could be the title of a newspaper article. What is the difference between a spy and a data company manager? A spy works in secret, in the dark. He also has something mystical about him. He searches for documents that are usually locked. But doesn’t Marc Zuckerberg do the same? Who do they show your passport to? Your identity card? Your birth certificate? Usually only representatives of the authorities. But when a data manager appears and wants to see these documents, they are voluntarily scanned and delivered to the USA.

You don’t believe it? It happened to us when we wanted to open an account on Facebook. We wanted to keep an existing account, but apparently the IP is stored permanently so you can see who is in that account at all times. If the IP does not match the creator, access will be blocked. In the next step, the Zuckerberg Group wants a picture of you. The image database in the USA is large enough for all 8 billion inhabitants of this planet. There your picture is in good company. Image recognition software at airports and public places is a very controversial issue. Don’t worry, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care.

We have therefore set up a completely new account. The next day it was closed again and now it was time to get started. Facebook actually required a scan of passport, identity card or birth certificate. Dear readers, my collar burst at this point. I am not the supplier of personal data to a Marc Zuckerberg!

This is also the reason why Fekunda and all related pages are no longer represented on Facebook & Co. We do not support spies. Be careful who you give which data to!

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