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  • From single user
  • Cloud based
  • Customizing


  • All processes of a brewery
  • Tank monitoring
  • Bottling from the bottle to the tank


In the process industry, i.e. chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and drink products, breweries, etc., special software is often needed to map the in-house processes. Small businesses in particular will not want to afford SAP and will switch to other software houses.

Infomodul is a software house in Croatia. The owner worked for Siemens for a long time and then set up his own business with specialized software.

For a number of years, the laboratory information management system, or LIMS for short, has been in use in companies. Just like the new development of the Brau app, all developments are up-to-date. Each software is available both as a single user system and as an application with several hundred participants. The software is available as buying software as well as rental software, either hosted on its own server, or as a cloud variant at a third-party provider.