Fekunda lauches new cosmetic products under the label Dr. Lanfermann® Deo Creme

Dr. Lanfermann Deo CremeFekunda expands its cosmetic range with three further deodorant products. The special thing about the products is their mode of action. The deodorant cream does not have to be renewed daily, but works for several days.

The standard deodorant cream is based on pharmaceutical vaseline with zinc oxide. This combination works even in the toughest applications. The effect lasts despite the showers. The deodorant cream only needs to be applied again when the effect diminishes, and this can take up to 7 days. This effect is not achieved in hot areas and in summer, but it has already been observed for up to three days at an outdoor temperature of 40°C. In hot areas and in summer this effect is not achieved. The deodorant cream nourishes the skin and is very rich. 4 months everyone should get by with a 30 g jar, if he follows the instructions. This means approx. 3 jars per year and a significant reduction of waste.

The natural cosmetic product does not contain vaseline, but a jojoba wax with similar properties to vaseline. However, extreme ranges of effect are not to be expected. But at least three days of effect have already been achieved. Furthermore, this product contains oils from controlled organic cultivation. The natural cosmetic deodorant cream contains an orange oil with a delicate scent as an odorant component and is offered in a 30 g jar.

However, deodorant cream is not only effective under the armpits, but also in case of odour on the feet. People who have to work in closed shoes all day long, especially in boots or work shoes, know this. When they come home in the evening, they have to wash their feet first, otherwise the marriage peace will go wrong. These people are helped by the foot deodorant cream. The foot deodorant cream is offered in a 50 g jar, because more cream is needed on the feet. A refreshing smell of lime rewards work after the day. Of course, the foot deodorant cream also works longer than one day, but on hot days the need could increase. The foot deodorant cream is like the standard deodorant cream based on pharmaceutical vaseline.

All creams are offered without folding cartons to reduce waste. In addition, the high efficacy means that only small amounts of waste are generated during the course of the year. In this way, Fekunda contributes to the avoidance of unnecessary waste.
All deodorant creams do not contain any aluminium salts. Transpiration is therefore not suppressed.

We are still looking for distributors in Germany and abroad.

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