Propolis Bio Ointment against cracked skin and lips

Propolis Bio SalbeIn cooperation with Pur Alp GmbH, a specialist for bee products from Oberstdorf, Propolis Bio Ointment has been developed.

Propolis is a natural antibiotic of the bee colonies to protect their beehives against bacteria, virus and fungi. In contrast to medical antibiotics the composition of propolis changes permanently. This is an advantage for the bees, because the vermins can’t change their behavior and the bee hive is protected against them.  The production of propolis by an apiarist is an expensive procedere. To be sure, that propolis is active Pur alp has developed a special procedure to produce it. For the Propolis Bio Ointment only propolis from the Allgäu is used.

Propolis Bio Salbe is an excellent product against cracked skin and lips, special in winter time. The ointment is from natural bee wax and olive oil from controlled biological cultivation. It cares the skin and make it smooth. Additional propolis, calendula oil and St. John’s wort oil protect the skin and support the natural process of skin regeneration. Propolis Bio Ointment is Bioland certified.

But not only health persons have problems with their skin. Just the process of cell division at diabetic people is faster and causes hornification, special at feet. Propolis Bio Ointment soften the hornification and cares the skin.