Is certified natural cosmetics better?

Before answering this question I’ve another question: Do you get better products from those companies having a certified quality system acc. ISO 9001?

Certifications are expensive. But what is the benefit? Of course the marketing is focussed on a special customer group. But certification in cosmetics is not harmonized. This is the biggest problem. Each certifier has it’s own rules. But all these rules allow only the usage of rawmaterials. Main rawmaterials are natural products like oils and extracted naturals. The reason is, that all people think, that natural products are harmless, are green.

In 2015 the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) investigated herbages like rosemary, dill, oregano and chive. In 6,5 – 9,0 % of the samples the limet of pesticides is exceeded. These results are for food, but what are the results for cosmetic rawmaterials? All certifier seem to be uninterested in pesticides. Only one time a get a laboratory result of pesticides from a lot of beewax.

Next problem are allergenic reactions. Herbal extracted are very prone. But from the certifier no tests are requested.

I think there is still a lot to be done.